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“Hey everybody, I just want you to know this guy is one of the best BMX racers in the country, and I just want to give him one of my jerseys,” Pohlkamp told the Memorial students and staff. “There’s just one problem they misspelled my name, so I guess I have to give it to you,” Pohlkamp said, handing Jesse jersey with Woodruff’s name on it. “I’m on a team called Celly Smellys/Dan’s Comp and since Jesse had an awesome year, we want to invite him to the team.” Following some applause, Pohlkamp said, “This guy is bad.

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In late February of 2008 the Blues were in a limbo from a rebuild that occurred post 04 05 NHL lockout. Though the Blues gained a much needed hometown tough guy in Janssen, they gave up a top tier defensemen who successfully stayed in the league until last season (he officially retired on 9/2/15). Salvador was even the captain of the Devils just a year after they lost in the Stanley Cup finals in 2011 12.

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Brown was ranked seventh on ESPN’s Big Board and figures to fit into the wing rotation on the Celtics along with Jae Crowder. He has the size and wingspan at six foot seven and seven feet, respectively to play the four in small ball lineups. He will be joining a team with some work to do, as they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs last season, but Brown will get the luxury of playing alongside an All Star in Isaiah Thomas..

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