Career Advisement Program



Building Connections for Success has teamed up with the CSUN Career Center to provide you career support throughout your freshman and sophomore years (BCFS Career Advisement Program Flowchart).


The Career Center has developed an interactive online academic and career planning tool for CSUN students called Pathways. Pathways is a fun and engaging way to explore your interests, values, skills, majors, and occupations. You can also search for internships, jobs, and career-related information and experiences. Further, you can set goals, explore graduate school resources, and much more through Pathways’ new Plan Your Future card. Access Pathways at to find ways to be successful at CSUN and start planning your future.


A benefit of being in this program is identifying your unique talents and strengths in your first semester at CSUN and building on them throughout your college career and beyond.


Continue your success throughout your freshman and sophomore years by connecting with your Career Peer Mentors and following the My Career Plan to clarify your goals (My Career Plan – Fall 2013). Your Career Peer Mentors plan programs and activities, including Career Popcorn Hour gatherings, to keep you on your path to career success. Drop by the Career Center during the weekly Career Popcorn Hours to connect with the Career Center, meet and network with other students in your major, learn about resources, and enjoy some popcorn (stay tuned for Fall 2013’s Career Popcorn Hour schedule or contact the Career Center at 818.677.2878 for more info)!


Check out and follow the new CareerConnection blog to find major and career-related resources, stay connected, and share your own resources and thoughts (


Meet with your Career Advisor for personalized support and to answer your questions and provide you direction.

Career Advisor, Building Connections for Success:

Monique Corral


Career Peer Mentors:


CSUN Career Center:

University Hall 105


M-TH 9am-5pm & F 9am-4pm


Who are your Career Peer Mentors?


Hello! My name is Patrixia and I’m a Career Peer Mentor at the Career Center with the Building Connections for Success program. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology last December 2012 and am hoping to continue onto Physical Therapy school. I like being active and playing sports, but I have a special love for tennis, swimming and snowboarding. I also enjoy baking and spending time with my family, friends and dogs. My favorite part of being a Career Peer Mentor is that I get to make a difference in student’s lives and make connections with others. I hope to make a difference in your college experience and help you explore your major and career options. And now that I have shared my story, I want to hear yours too! I hope to see you soon during our weekly Career Popcorn Hours!


Hi everybody! My name is Blanca. Who am I? I’m a senior in CSUN majoring in Family Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Family Studies. Personally, it took me a couple of years while at CSUN and a couple of amazing internship experiences to figure out what I wanted to major in. I changed my major in my junior year and I’m glad I found a major that fit me best. I’m now graduating this year and applying to a few programs for my Master’s degree. My career goal is be a counselor at a K-12 school.

What do I do as a Career Peer Mentor? My role as a Career Peer Mentor in the Career Center is to be available for and work closely with first and second year college students. I help them get started with resources like My Career Plan and Pathways to develop their career plans; link them to other Career Center resources like SUNlink to learn more about job and internship opportunities; network with them; and much more! I enjoy my role as a mentor and let all students know that it’s never too early to explore their Career Center. We coordinate engaging events for students to meet us and connect with the Career Center like weekly Career Popcorn Hours, a sophomore year success panel last semester, and will soon be launching a major and career blog for first and second year students.

So take some time to stop by the Career Center to say hi! I hope to get to know you. I know meeting new people on such a large campus can be overwhelming, so stop by and get to know your Career Peer Mentors!



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