Math Pre-remediation Program

Boost your math scores with CSUN’s customized math tutorial program: Choose A Math Path to Success (CHAMPS).

We understand that many incoming freshmen struggle in mathematics and need an opportunity to master difficult concepts at an individual pace. Building Connections for Success is proud to partner with CSUN’s CHAMPS program:  a personalized online tutoring program that can help you place out of or reduce your need for Developmental Mathematics courses. Beginning Summer 2012, the innovative math pre-remediation program will become a mandatory requirement for all incoming CSU students in need of developmental mathematics course work prior to starting their first semester. For more information on the mandatory requirement click here.

Your learning will be guided by an online program that identifies your strengths and challenges and designs a math-learning plan just for you.  You will work both online and onsite in CSUN’s own Developmental Math Lab where you will find assistance from Developmental Math tutors and instructors.  This program is a great way to receive a jump start on your developmental work and to become acquainted with the CSUN campus and facilities.

For program inquiries please contact CHAMPS Director, Andrea Nemeth at

Program Coordinator:
Andrea Nemeth