Discipline-Based Freshman Connection Program















Enhance your first year by taking courses within a learning community along with other students in your major.

Forming networks during your freshman year can have a lasting positive impact throughout your academic career at CSUN. Discipline-based freshman seminar courses enhance your first-year experience through its unique curriculum and format. This special one-semester program designed for new incoming freshmen offers students the opportunity to register for University 100 classes linked to one or more additional classes as part of a learning community. The learning community is an empowering network that allows you to take an active role in your education and provides you the chance to work with outstanding faculty and advisors. You are also given the opportunity to study with students like you to help each other succeed in your first CSUN semester and beyond.

To learn more about the Freshman Connection Program, view the brochure here.

Discipline-Based Freshman Connection Coordinator:
Lisa Riccomini