Message from the Director and First Academic Lead

August 29, 2011

Dr. Rafi Efrat

Director, Professor in the College of Business and Economics

Welcome to the second newsletter edition of the Hispanic Serving Institutions Title V Project! With the help of our Communication Specialist, Sheila Rodriguez, and in collaboration with VISCOM, we are delighted to offer the second edition of the semi-annual newsletter in an electronic format.

We are pleased to report that during the first nine months of the project, we have made substantial progress towards meeting the output goals set for all of the grant’s performance objectives. As described in more details in the featured articles of this e-newsletter edition, the various strategies employed over the past six months are directly related to our overall goals under this grant of increasing the six years graduation rate and increasing the retention rate of our undergraduate students.


Dr. Louis Rubino

First Academic Lead, Ph.D., FACHE, Professor in the College of Health and Human Development.

I am pleasantly pleased with how smooth the first year is going under the grant. Due to its multilayered interventions, I would have expected many more implementation problems. But due to the cooperation and collaboration of many of our administrators, faculty and staff, the initial roll out has been very successful.  So much has occurred in our College due to the opportunities provided by this HSI Title V Grant. It will now be our challenge to sustain the efforts made and to keep the progress going into our second year as the implementation torch is passed to the next College.