In the Spotlight: Eunice Eugenio

August 29, 2011

Eunice Eugenio, a CSUN freshman studying Child Development, participated in the Peer Mentorship Program as a Peer Mentee in Spring 2011. Eugenio shares some of her experiences in the program and how her Peer Mentor, Ashley McCort, helped her become more involved on campus.

How has the peer mentorship program helped you or inspire you to get involved?

Seeing how dedicated Ashley was as a peer mentor inspired me to be more involved in the CSUN community. Because of her, I discovered the Blues Project and how I could impact other students through this program. From her guidance, I learned about more college events offered at CSUN related to my major (e.g. The Child Development Career Fair that was held in the Northridge Center). I even gained the skills to find events around camps on my own to invite the rest of my group to!

“How has participating in these events helped you? What have you learned?”

At the Child Development Career Fair I had the opportunity to discover all the different organizations that were dedicated to children, and stumbled upon an organization I would be the most interested in for an internship when I am a Senior; Child Development Institute (CDI).  Being in CADA exposed me to people who share my major and helped me discover who could be my peers in the future. I’ve learned that through my own talents and personality, I can make a difference at CSUN, even if it only appears to be a small act. Though I am new at Unified We Serve, I was able to gain leadership skills and confidence when working with people I barely met. I’ve learned that being yourself while being immersed in enjoyable and clean experiences is what makes college so invigorating.

“How has Ashley helped you this semester? Would you want to be a peer mentor one day?”

She was supportive and answered every question I had with no hesitation, which motivated me to be a better student both in and out of class. Wanting to learn more about anything I could became a habit for me as a result! She has taught me so much, and I would love to be a Peer Mentor someday.